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Holistic Dentistry

Metal Free Dentistry

SMART Certified SAFE Silver Filling Removal

Metals in our body can pose a real risk to our health. So we offer metal-free dentistry: No silver fillings, no metal crowns, no metal orthodontics. This helps your overall health and those pearly aesthetics. Read the FDA’s warnings about amalgam fillings here.

Should you get those old silver fillings removed? We can provide you with science-based evidence and the most up-to-date information on the topic. And more importantly, we’ve got the safest options for silver filling removal. Learn more about why you need a SMART certified dentist for the safe removal of your amalgam fillings here.

Holistic Dentistry

Cleanings & Exams

Dental Cleanings

Whether you need a deeper cleaning or a quick polish, we do it with your whole body in mind. Dr. Poole utilizes digital x-rays with the lowest radiation possible. And of course, our hygiene products are always toxic-free pastes, floss, and rinses. We can even modify your treatment specifically to you, by testing your microbiome.

Dental Exams:

Every visit, you’ll have a thorough assessment of teeth, gums, and all surrounding structures to make sure problems are prevented are always caught very early.

Treatment Planning

We not only provide comprehensive hygiene instructions and product recommendations, but we also offer nutritional counseling & detailed personalized plans to fit your specific needs, budget and time. 

Cleanings & Exams

Cosmetic Concerns

Minimal Prep Veneers

Cutting down healthy teeth is as risky as it sounds. Minimal preps allow us to achieve cosmetic results, without the risk of creating further issues.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

We offer the most conservative orthodontic approach for straightening teeth.

Non-Toxic Whitening

Yes, you can want whiter teeth and still be mindful of your whole body health. We offer everything a traditional dentist might, over-the-counter product recommendations, custom tray whitening solutions and in-house whitening. We just do it with products we think are better for you & your teeth!

Gum Recontouring

Gummy smiles can be a small issue with a huge cosmetic impact. Our laser therapy allows us to recontour your gums while giving you a bigger, healthier smile.

Cosmetic Concerns

Restorative Treatments


What’s the point of a solution that causes a new problem? We always make sure to find the materials that are most compatible with your body. And we are a mercury-free office, offering BPA-free white fillings.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are sometimes a necessary plan for saving teeth. We find the best materials for you, specifically, safeguarding against a reaction to your new investment. We also use minimal preparation techniques, like inlays and onlays (when possible) to avoid too much tooth reduction.

Root Canal Therapy

This can be a controversial topic in holistic dentistry, and here’s why. But we’re here to provide you with all the latest information, so you can pick the right treatment for you. And, case dependent, we do provide root canal therapies, when needed.

Restorative Treatments

Missing Teeth

Implant Restorations

We offer restorations for anything—from a single tooth, to a bridge, to full mouth rehabilitation cases. And we always make sure you have the most up-to-date information on biocompatible implant options.

Partial and Full Dentures

Get that smile back. We offer metal-free removable denture options and also restore full-mouth, fixed-hybrid dentures.

Missing Teeth

Sleep Medicine

Custom Sleep Appliances

Sleep disruptive disorders take a huge toll on overall health. At Sweet Truth, we not only help diagnose those issues, but we also fit and fabricate a custom sleep appliance for you. This is usually a much preferred treatment to obstructive sleep apnea, than a cumbersome CPAP machine.

Sleep Medicine

Fears of Dentistry

Rush-Free Dentistry

We completely understand and empathize with traumatic dental experiences. At Sweet Truth, we practice Rush-Free Dentistry. That means you are driving this bus. So you’re always in charge of the time frame and speed at which we work.

Nitrous Oxide

Stress can take a toll on your whole body health. We offer the perfect solution to take the edge off and enhance your dental experience.

Sedation Medication

If needed, we can also offer medication for deeper sedation and to calm any additional fears.

Comfort Menu

Click to learn more about our Curated Comfort Menu.

Fears of Dentistry

Jaw Issues

Splint Therapy

Clicking? Popping?  Pain? We offer TMJ consultation & treatment.

Custom Night Guards

Clenching? grinding? We offer custom night guards to prevent gum and bone recession, premature tooth wear, and fractured teeth.

Pre & Post Natal Oral health

Pre-Pregnancy Screenings

Ok, so maybe your mouth hasn’t been on the top of your priority list during this time. But maybe it should be? We have a lot of information about what a healthy mouth can mean to your fertility journey. We offer screenings, counseling and a treatment plan to make sure there’s no unnecessary inflammation in the body.

Prenatal Preventative Care

Gingivitis has been linked to preterm labor and low birth weight in your baby. As if you didn’t have enough to think about? As a mother, herself, Dr. Poole can help provide care and guidance, discuss pregnancy gigivitis, mouth bleeding and hyper-reactivity. So you can make sure you’re taking care of baby AND mama.

Postnatal Care

Let’s be real, your stomach isn’t the only thing that changes after having a baby. Dr. Poole offers easy, simple postnatal care to restore gums and teeth to their pre-baby condition.

Jaw Issues
Pre & Post Natal Oral health
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