Say Hello to Holistic Dentistry.

The more you know, the more you glow.

Hello. We’re a boutique dental studio that treats your mouth with your whole body in mind. And the sweetest truth of all? Dentistry like that can help avoid the scary stuff in the first place. So, together, we can dive mouth-first into whole body health. 

 - Dr. Lauren Poole

The difference is sweet.

Detoxing conventional practice

You’ve cleaned up the products in your home. Now, Dr Poole’s cleaning up the toxic parts of traditional dentistry, with modern holistic materials, procedures, knowledge & techniques.

Stress-free dentistry

Stress can take a toll on your whole body health. So we keep our process as stress-free as possible, including our proprietary comfort menu and a variety of opt-in sedation options.

Whole Body Approach

Why are you cavity-prone? Why do your jaws pop or your gums recede? We don’t just offer bandaids. Around here, we get to the bottom of Why.

About the Studio.

What if a visit to the dentist could relieve stress, instead of creating it? Call us crazy. But that’s just what we’re out to do. Click below to learn more about our curated comfort menu.


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sweet words.

I am so happy this dental office exists. Dr. Lauren Poole has created something that people need!

- Jayne J.